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There was a time when the meekest of peoples would make the world tremble. A war that would be turned by the humble but brave. An age when the greatest evil would be laid lie by the smallest.

While that was happening, Odo Grumblebelly was left to tend the chickens on the family farm. Far from peril, daydreaming of summer nights with Rosie Lambchop, Odo was not expecting a hunting pack of goblynkin to descend on his stead.

He did what any stout halfling would do and hid in the chicken coop. Fortunately for Odo and the village provisions, the goblynkin had already rampaged through the area, drawing the attention of a Knight of the Azure Flame, who had followed the prowling fiends to the Grumblebelly farm.

The fight was titanic and, hearing the struggle, Odo plucked up the courage to venture from hiding. He emerged in time to see the paladin gasping his final breaths, a solitary foe remaining. The last of the goblynkin drew back a crooked spear, ready to end the knight with cast shaft. The cerulean light of magic that surrounded the holy warrior grew dim.

Odo did the only thing he could, and pelted the infernal creature with the eggs he had collected. Distracted, the goblynkin turned, only to be felled by a hammer blow from the dying knight.

‘Finish my quest’, pleaded the paladin, thrusting the weapon toward Odo.

The halfling took up the weapon as the knight breathed his last. He knew nothing of his saviour, or war, but retrieved the fallen paladin’s holy book. Ever since, Odo has tried his best to decipher the meaning of the texts, to offer thanks to the deities of his saviour for sending their warrior on that day. He must be doing something right as the sacred blessings of the Azure Flame imbue Odo Grumblebelly with mystical prowess and holy spells, guiding his hammer and shielding him from harm.

This pack contains one Odo Grumblebelly.

Approx. 30mm from feet to top of his head.

A finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in 2 components and is supplied with a 30mm round lipped gaming base.

This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

Sculpted by Wiltrichs